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We’re Still Waiting, Mr. Trump…

Over six months, we have contacted Team Trump numerous times, asking you to tell the American people about the most exciting plan in America: finish ratifying the original first article of our Bill of Rights, shrinking congressional districts to under 50,000 people as the Founding Fathers intended; then pass the Bring Congress Home Act to take Congress out of D.C. forever.

You and your Deep State cabinet are pushing us into more wars, a bigger police state, and Ryancare to ‘replace’ Obamacare, to keep the insurance industry in control. You’ve reversed your position on dozens of important campaign promises, and are now swimming in the swamp. Operation Let’s Trump DC is the American People throwing a lifeline to you, our new servant, before you are brought up for impeachment.  Do not keep ignoring the People so you have to face the consequences for making fools of us while bankers and the war, oil, intelligence, tech, and insurance industries buy you as they did Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama. Instead, inform the American people about our full-spectrum action plan so We the People ourselves can restore the Constitution and take our lives back, and you can be the greatest president in history.

With or without our elected servant’s support — this event will take place at the 39 state capitols whose legislatures have not yet ratified the original First Right in the Bill of Rights. (KY, MD, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, SC, VT, and VA have already ratified it) We only need a 4-person team at each capitol; no large crowds. This event is sponsored by AmericaAgain!, the only full-spectrum solution in our republic. After over 30,000 hours of R&D by 29 volunteers, we need members to form an unstoppable force of responsible Americans. Just half of 1% of the population is enough to keep the Deep State from controlling another administration.  Go to the website, JOIN AmericaAgain!, download the free eBook. Or have your TEA Party, VFW, or church group sponsor our 8-week Boot Camp in self-government, Mission to America. Then join us at your state capitol on Proclamation Day as we make history together!

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