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From Serfs to Sovereigns

America’s broken. Everyone’s angry about it. III% United Patriots and AmericaAgain! members are fixing it; in a moment, I’ll tell you how. But first let me explain a facet of your programming that you’ve never considered. As a former architectural engineer for 28 years, I know that monumental architecture affects the human psyche. In the [...]

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Allegiance to What?

I do not recite the Pledge of Allegiance. This gets me in a trouble with some of my fellow Americans. If you want to be despised by otherwise good, patriotic Americans, just tell them that you don't say the pledge! Here’s the irony: our childhood programming was like that of any Soviet or Chinese citizen, [...]

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Can Americans Stop the Cartels?

(Having received hundreds of 'likes' for the original, 3-part series, we here assemble the series into one updated article, and updated it December 2016.) Einstein's definition of insanity was: 'doing the same thing repeatedly, yet always expecting a different result'. Americans daily complain about out-of-control government and world events, yet continue to see politics as both [...]

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More Thanksgiving News

If you have not read my blog article of yesterday, The Parscale Principle, I explain how Team Trump’s Digital Director established an historical fact: the Information Age has ended the electoral tradition of two centuries. Hollywood and Media are Deceptive: America is Conservative Some things we already knew: per the 2016 electoral map, Alaska and [...]

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The Parscale Principle

To the elite and the godless left, our election of Donald Trump was a bolt out of the blue. To the everyday American, it was a long-awaited counter-punch. American civilization has been under withering attack for over 150 years. Globalist bankers and industrialists, having failed with Hamilton and Clay to enslave the entire American people, [...]

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Our Enemy Fears Us

Last Friday in this TIME magazine article, Joe Klein predicted a loss for Trump but the end for American moderates, shedding crocodile tears while conveniently ignoring the 40-year offensive of the liberal mainstream media. Mr. Klein is wrong on all counts. He worries that the Trump family may build a media network for conservatives. I [...]

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Time to Repent

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I understand from a June 2016 James Dobson statement that Donald Trump is a new Christian. Neither of the Clintons are Christians, very obviously. This campaign will become very ugly, but with 46 dead bodies and at least ten known rapes and sexual assaults in their dossier, the [...]

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