October 2018

Dear Voter John

October 13th, 2018|The Mission|

I had a long, fruitful exchange on Facebook this past Friday with a fellow named John, who complained that finishing what George Washington started in September 1787 -- limiting the size of U.S. House districts [...]

The Serf’s Vocabulary

October 1st, 2018|The Mission|

If you are an American wondering how to fight DC organized crime, first consider your own part in egging them on. For instance, consider ten popular, inaccurate terms that have kept us programmed in Soviet-style, [...]

Lincoln: America’s Hijacker

October 1st, 2018|The Mission|

Notice the sides of Lincoln's throne, above? Those bundles of sticks are an ancient Roman contrivance called fasces, from which we get the word fascism.Lincoln is still a much-revered figure to millions of ignorant Americans who were [...]