If you would like to start an AmericaAgain! group in your community, our team will hold your hand every step of the way and AmericaAgain! founder David Zuniga will come speak at your event and/or help you start an AmericaAgain! group in your town. Either pay his travel expenses to have him there in person, or set up a laptop with Internet access and Skype account to have David attend your event via Skype.

There is nothing difficult about AmericaAgain! — it is simply We The People, taking our lives back. Almost everything we need to do, we can do from our computer or mobile device.

With a President Trump and our membership growing all over the country, we can Ratify the 28th Amendment and take Congress out of Washington D.C. forever. Then, with our new Congress made up of citizen-statesmen instead of career politicians, We The People will start taking back everything stolen from us by corrupt government over 150 years.

But the first step to restoring America is very simple. Stand up and make your community be counted. Contact us and we will help you make American history!