It’s time to think Tactically.  Washington DC is at war against America.

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As elites’ power grows, they keep us distracted with DC puppet theater, mob actions, and lone lunatics. While distracting us, the Deep State turns Americans against one another Left and Right, as their chieftains in banking, oil, war, insurance and other industries laugh at our ignorance. Despite his non-politician posturing and promises, Donald Trump will be like Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II or Obama unless We the People think tactically, and make history. After over 35,000 hours’ R&D by 29 volunteers, AmericaAgain! now offer America’s only full-spectrum solution.

This book exposes the Deep State, introducing Tactical Civics™ to end the hijacking. We must begin with personal repentance, restoring constitutional Militia, ratifying the original first right in our Bill of Rights, and removing Congress from Washington DC forever.
  • Overview of Tactical Civics™
  • Chapter 1: Ratify Our First Right
  • Chapter 2: Bring Congress Home
  • Chapter 3: Enforce the Constitution
  • Chapter 4: Restore Constitutional Militia
  • Chapter 5: Inform and Support Grand Jury
  • Epilogue

The mission of TACTICAL CIVICS™ is to recruit, train, supply, organize and support the repentant, responsible remnant in a new way of life. To join a chapter you must be a dues-paying member of AmericaAgain! ($9/month). Chapter founders have their dues waived for the first year. To begin, we finish ratifying the original First Right in the Bill of Rights (small districts) and push through our Restoring Constitutional Militia Act in every state. As soon as the 28th Amendment is finally ratified, we push through the Bring Congress Home Act; take the power out of Washington DC, controlled by the elites and Deep State. TACTICAL CIVICS™, the most powerful People’s movement since 1776, will only take a repentant remnant of half of 1% to succeed and is mostly done from your computer or mobile device. Share this website with fellow Christians, TEA Party, Militia, homeschooling, and veterans’ groups, to join us in active repentance.

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Number: (712) 775-7031
Time: Every Sunday at 8PM CT
Passcode: 123 277 344
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