The time for talk is over. To break through corrupt politics-as-usual, President Trump needs to join We the People in the most revolutionary act of popular sovereignty since 1776; see ’Ratify28’ below.

As of March 2017, AmericaAgain! has members in 133 communities; to reach critical mass, we need you to JOIN and add your community!

The proverb says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Most Americans do not learn adequate civics or American history so they feel inadequate for self-government. AmericaAgain! will help you fill that deficiency, providing you with ‘small bite’ learning resources.

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AmericaAgain! will focus all of our members’ energy and attentions on one tactical goal at a time. To take Congress out of DC forever, our initial goal is the most important of all, called Ratify28. Congress passed this as the original first article of our Bill of Rights in 1789 and it has been ratified by 11 states, so Washington DC can do nothing to stop it. We The People only need to get 27 more state legislatures to vote for ratification. Click here to learn more about this exciting first national action.